Hotel le quattro Lune

Hotel Le Quattro Lune

Loc Sas Linnas Siccas
08028 Orosei NU

Orosei, a town of about 7000 inhabitants, is located 2 km from the sea along the east coast. Set along the Cedrino river valley, it boasts a remarkable variety of landscapes. Starting from the limestone mountain Tuttavista, through the basalt hills up to the granite formations of Sos Alinos area.

Countless and great beauty are its beaches, in fact Orosei has an extension of approximately 20 km of coastline, from ‘natural oasis of Biderrosa with its 500 hectares of greenery and five crystal clear bays, up to Osala beach.

But Orosei is not only sea, in fact, of considerable interest is the old town, one of the few of Sardinia to be so well preserved. It is built especially around the squares of the People, and the Souls of Sant ‘Antonio, with numerous buildings to civil and religious character. In the village oroseino surrounding territory there are various testimonies of settlement events that have taken place over the centuries. In fact, you can admire the ancient tombs Domus de Janas, nuraghi, the nuragic villages and the remains of small Roman settlements.

The village of Orosei, in recent decades, has transformed its economy, moving from exclusively agricultural and pastoral activities the extraction and processing.

Marble is exported worldwide. Coastal tourism is nevertheless the main item of the economy of the country due to its countless beautiful beaches. With its accommodation facilities, Orosei is able to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customer.

Due to its fertile plain there are several types of crops, cereals, vegetables, fodder, vines, olive trees, fruit trees and citrus groves. In addition it is also practiced the breeding of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

The almond trees in bloom … .they were in such great beauty there, in that valley where the sun fell magnificent and the sea glow whitened all the air as with a kind of divine presence, they shone in their glowing pink sunset … .in this beautiful valley. 

David Herbert Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, p 233

A great variety of landscapes, here alternate black basalt, white limestone with the pink granite … .. Numerous and of great beauty are its beaches …… ancient remains are hidden between the green of the Mediterranean …. cobbled streets wind through the historic suocentro, among the most well-preserved of Sardinia … All this and more is Orosei and invite you to discover it in all its incomparable beauty.

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